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Send email to all users in SharePoint group

May 3, 2015

Last week I was asked if it’s possible to send email to all SharePoint Group Members. Quick solution I tried was to select all users and click “Email Users” Under “Actions” menu in SharePoint user group. I t will select only user that are on the page not on the next page. You will see an arrow (pagination) to go to next page in case you have more than 30 users.
Item limit any for SharePoint users Group is set to 30 by default. You can increase it to whatever you want. But let’s say if you have 500 users in a group called “Members” you can set the view limit to 99 but “Email Users” under “Actions” menu will not work anymore. You can try. It will throw error something like “cannot send email to that number of users “
Of course there are more than one way to achieve this goal, below is one I came up with quickly and though will share.
Copy and paste each line individually after changing the URL with your site collection url.

$Site=Get-SPSite http://SiteCollectionURL
($Site.rootweb).groups | Format-table -Property name, owner
           # in my case I wanted to send email to all users in “Approvers” group
($Site.rootweb).groups[“Approvers”].users | Format-Table -Property DisplayName, Email
($Site.rootweb).groups[“Approvers”].users | Format-Table -Property Email >email.txt

You can modify the script and make it short, by adding more variables but this gave me what I was looking for. Wonder how this will work if one has thousands of users in a group. I don’t have any group with that big number so can’t test, if you have that big group let us know. Might have to use –LimitAll in command.

Another way to do this is open up excel click on data connections and add a new web data connection. Enter URL of the SharePoint group and it will ask you to enter your SPGroupUserslcredentials and will open up group view in excel where you can export every ting from the page in to Excel. Some formatting is needed here but you can easily get user first name and last name and then using formulas convert these 2 column in email address. Let me know if need more info on this option and I will post in detail.


  1. Well tried you did the great job.
    SharePoint 2013 Training

  2. francois permalink

    Hi, when I try to use the Excel data connection it still imports only the first 30 that are visible on the page. I do not have a clickable arrow next to the group list members tables. Thanks

  3. Merouane permalink

    Hello, thanks for the tuto but I dont understand where “exactly” do you copy those lines ?

  4. Hi, wrt your $Site=Get-SPSite solution – copy that and paste them where please? I tried in a web browser but that doesn’t seem to be it

    • You need to paste this whole script in SharePoint Management Power Shell console

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