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Improve Performance for SharePoint and Project Server – Part 2

February 13, 2015

I have mentioned few tweaks/changes that can help improve SharePoint/Project server performance in Part 1.

I will add few more item here in Part 2 of the same article….

16 – Another important when installing OS before SQL installation you can make is, change the NTFS allocation unit size on your disks/drives. By default its 4096 bytes on windows server 2012 and by changing it to 64 you can easily gain some performance. for more reading :

17 – Make sure the initial size in the “Files” windows of “temp” database properties is set to some higher number. This is in addition to the additional tempDB files. Also “Auto Growth” option must be set to some higher number, not percentage.

18 –  One more place to look is paging file size configuration on the server. Normally it is set to a lower number and can be configured based on the system RAM and other. It is recommended to set the paging size up to 150% of the physical RAM but I will suggest you to look in to your environment first and then set those numbers. At the minimum make sure it is set to “allow system to set the size “option.

19 –   Out Put Cache – one of the thing over looked sometimes but make sure you have Out Put caching enabled on site that will help improve performance.

20 –   Blob Cache- In case of significant use of images on SharePoint site enabling blob cache can be help full. If you are planning to use new feature like Images renditions, Blob cache is required. It also help improve performance by delivering those images faster from cache.

I find this article today that has some additional information about improving performance , check it out:

Feel free to add any additional settings in the comments below .


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