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Disable Throttling for a single list

March 15, 2014

In situation where you need to disable throttle limit but you don’t want to disable for the whole web application as it will certainly cause performance issues, you can use the commands mentioned below to disable throttling for one lists only. Limit mentioned in the Central Administration will be applicable for all the other lists.

Example Scenario: if you are using InfoPath form with 2 fields (controls) on it and want field B to auto populate based on the value in field A. value are coming from a list that has more than 5k items in it , you might run in to issues.

$Site  =  Get-SPWeb -Identity <SiteURL>
$List  =  $Site.Lists[“List Name”]
$List.EnableThrottling =  $false


  1. Callie permalink

    When I run this, I receive the error:
    Exception calling “Update” with “0” argument(s)
    Any ideas?

    • Callie, Make sure you have enter the right list name on the line 2 and try again. same command works for me. Thanks .

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