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How to add doc libraries as web part on child sites..

June 12, 2011

What if you want to add a doc library on a child site as a web part just to show the content , there are other options like you can use
content query web part and show item from different sites but here is another approach I use couple days ago to solve issue for users .

Let’s say you have parent site and a doc library one this site called “Parent Library “ and you have a sub site called subsite1 . Go to
your sub site one edit the page and add web part you will not see the Parent Library web part here. Let’s do that

Go back to the parent site (top level site) open it in
SharePoint designer

Click on lists and libraries, in the right pane click on parent library (This is the library you want to add on child site page as web part).

You will see section for views. This show all the views you have created for Parent Library you can use either one here.

Catch: you might have to create another view that can be same with the different name to see the options we are going to work with

I will use blog view, click on blog view and it will open up a page for you, blog view.aspx.


On the top ribbon in List View Tools group select web part and then select to site gallery.

Don’t panic if you can’t see those options you might have to go to File menu, options and customize ribbon to add this group. If option are there and grayed out create a new view .


Fill out information in save web part to the gallery dialog box and hit ok. Click yes when you get a warning from SPD if you hit no, happy hours for you will start when new item will create in the library on parent site.


That’s it, now you can go to any child site, edit the page and insert web part . You will see in web part galleries there is a web part called ParentLibWebPart. Add it on any child site. It will show you all the items create on the parent site now and any item you will create in the future.


If you have any folder in the parent library it will not show folder contents on the child site because I think it’s obvious when we create a web part in the warning dialog box it shows the url from where it will be pulling information, URL for folder will be different now . I am sure you are not using folder structure in your libraries, Hello; this is SharePoint not file Network share drive where we had folder trrreeeeeeeeees to save information.

Let me know if that helps, any other way to do the same thing any comments suggestions.


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  1. Ross permalink

    Tried to use this in sharepoint 2013 (on premise), but it always says that the list Id is invalid when I insert the saved web part. Any ideas how to do it in 2013?

  2. I have not tried this in 2013, can you open this web part in any editor e.g. note pad , to see list ID in it and try to modify there…

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