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Expired Session are not being deleted

March 10, 2011

On Central Administration page I got this warning for expired sessions .One of the many reasons for these sessions are created if you are using info path form services. These sessions are supposed to be deleted after some time I think its once in 24 hours but in case if it’s not being deleted you can delete them manually or create a job in SQL and set it to run once a day.


First method is you can fire this procedure manually that will clean up all the expired sessions. To do this open up your SQL. Look for the Session State Service ——- data base, expand Programmability, expand Stored Procedure, and right click on dbo.DeleteExpiredSessions click on Execute Stored Procedure.


Go back to CA and Click on Reanalyze Now button it will disappear. If not open up a new IE session and try again

Second method is you can create a job that will run automatically and clean up those sessions for you here is a nice article written by Dave to create a job.

There is a TechNet article about this warning but it did not help me much . You can take a look at that:

I am also sure these are not the only solutions there can be more than this  if you want to share please feel free.


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