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SP2010 Migration Issue – View all site collection does not return any thing

March 9, 2011

Couple issue while migrating from MOSS to SP2010
After I was done with all the steps required for databases attach migration I successfully attach the data bases to the new web application running in 2010 farm. Yes Successfully, after running the command stsadm addcontent data base this is what I get “operation completed successfully “ I look in to the data bases it shows number of site collections present in to the new attached database, nice.


Now I click on View all site collections

and it shows me list of site collections,

names and nothing on the right side of the page. I will try to create a screen shot but it’s not real.

On the right side where it shows site collection administrator name and data base is all blank no information there. When I try to browse the site nothing comes up


2 things I did were go in to your recently added

SQL Data base expand table’s node and go to

Versions table. Edit that table and make sure the version numbers are updated. While you are here make sure user accounts you are using have same permissions on the data base as other content data base you can go to the properties of any content data base and compare.

Second make sure have enough disk space available, more than double of the data base size you are restoring to be on the safe side.



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  1. Great post.

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